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Social and Emotional Intelligence

Did you know studies indicate that our success in life and in our relationships with others can be highly attributable to our Social and Emotional Intelligence?

Social and Emotional intelligence is a term becoming more widely used, but what exactly is it?

Let’s start with how to recognise when Social and Emotional Intelligence skills are not being used.

Have you have experienced a boss or colleague who exploded when a deadline was missed or, an acquaintance that cannot seem to relate to others effectively?

Or, have you ever responded to a challenging situation in your personal or working life in a way that on reflection you realised did not bring the result you had hoped?

You may have realised at that point, a different response would have created a more beneficial result. These are all examples of how the lack of social and emotional intelligence skills can have negative results.

So what is an example of having Social and Emotional intelligence?

In a nutshell, Social and Emotional Intelligence begins by being aware of our emotions and also what may be going on within others in the moment. The skills part comes when armed with this awareness we can manage our behaviour, our responses to stressful or challenging situations and respond to others with care and consideration.

Prolonged stress has a negative effect on our blood sugar levels, immune system, skin repair and brain cells; whereas positive emotions can lead to improved performance, better decision making, more flexible thought process and improved relationships.

Our thoughts create our behaviour

Did you know that our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions create our behaviour?

We can change our behaviour and the good news is Social and Emotional Intelligence can be improved and strengthened at any time. So it’s never too late to add these essential skills to our well-being strategies.

So how would that indicate our success in life and work?

It is a fact that most successful people in work and life have the ability to manage themselves and their relationship with others.

Organisations who have offered their staff Social and Emotional Intelligence coaching, training and assessments have reported greater performance, higher profits, improved staff retention and improved working environments.

The good news is Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI) can be improved and strengthened and its never too late to add these essential skills to our career/life strategy.

The quickest way to enhance these skills is through SEI coaching.

Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessment

This is an online self-assessment which covers all 26 areas (competencies) of Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI).

SEI encompasses many skills sets including -powerful influencing skills, communication, catalysing change, managing conflict productively, teamwork, collaboration, stress management and much more.

After completing the assessment you will receive a report with an explanation of the different competencies together with examples of what it looks like when someone has or has not got strong levels of SEI.

The results of your assessment will give us immediate insights into the most important areas of SEI to develop first.

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