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Animals do not question what is happening during a healing session. Nor do they wonder if they are experiencing “a placebo effect”. They are intuitive and know when something is being offered with an open heart and for their benefit.

The first session which may last up to one and a half hours begins with an in depth consultation to identify and discuss any specific issues. This is followed by the healing session. Subsequent sessions can be for 30- 45 minutes.


If it is not possible for the animal to be present at the healing session, then distant healing can be given. We will still have an in depth consultation and discussion about any specific problems. This may be in person or on the telephone. The consultation is followed by distant healing session(s). This form of healing is just as effective as when the animal is present and they receive the same benefits.

Lola the cat

Jennifer works with animal rescue centres, animal sanctuaries and a training organisation for service dogs. She also works with a variety of pets. Jennifer trained with Elizabeth Whiter and graduated in the Diploma for Animal Healing.

Jennifer is a registered member of the Healing Animals Organisation (HAO), which was set up by Elizabeth for animals in need. The HAO works internationally with animals.

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