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October Well-being Workshop

Without a sense of well-being we start to lose our flow and can experience negative emotions such as anxiety and stress.

What can we do to maintain our sense of well-being?

Well, there are a variety of methods we can apply to create and maintain a sense of well-being.

I am running a Well-being workshop “How to create and maintain a sense of Well-being” on October 26th.

It will be full of useful tips and information such as –

Venue: Loughton, Essex.
Dates: Fri 26th October.
Time: 9 15 am-1 15 pm Cost £60. Limited seats

Take advantage of the early bird offer!

Contact me for details of 20% discount!


Get back your sense of Well-being

Today’s life is fast paced and constantly changing.

Do you ever feel that there are just not enough hours in the day?

Sometimes it may appear as though all around us there are demands for our attention.

If we start to lose our flow, we may experience feelings of stress and/or overwhelm.

My next workshop is about how to change those feelings and reclaim a sense of well-being.

EVERYONE deserves a sense of well-being.

Come to my summer Well-being Workshops.

Friday 6th and Tuesday 10th July. Time: 9:15am - 1.15pm.

Cost £60. Limited seats

Contact me to find out about the early bird offer of a 20% discount. Tel: 0208 502 3659

New November Workshop - "Create your best Future"

Have you ever had a dream of a compelling future?

That was so real you felt so you could almost reach out and touch it?

Did that feeling give you a great sense of well-being?

Maybe you took steps toward that dream, only to find it remained elusive and just out of reach?

Incomplete dreams can lead to feelings of loss or failure which interfere with our well-being.

Ever wondered how great results are gained in sales driven jobs, slimming clubs, training AND people following their dreams?

Do you have a dream or goal you would like to achieve now?

Find out how and much more at my November workshop, "Create your best Future"

Dates: Saturday 18th November.

Time: 9 30- 1 30 pm Cost: £60

Venue: Loughton

20% off Early Bird Offer if you book before end of October

COMING SOON "The Power of Positive Thinking" Workshop.

Learn empowering strategies to help you get the results you really want for 2017 and beyond.

Medical research has been telling us for some time now that prolonged stress can have a negative impact on our health.

By reducing our stress levels we empower ourselves to take action for positive change.

You will learn how our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions create our behaviour.

I will share great strategies for- creating and maintaining -positive change.

Watch the events page for a date…

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