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Frequently asked questions

Q - What is Coaching all about?

Coaching is a holistic process and consists of a series of conversations between two people- the coach and the client.

These conversations help the client become clear about the goal (objective) they wish to achieve and the steps they choose to make towards that goal.

Coaching empowers the client to take control. It would not work if the coach “told” the client what to do. There are no “prescriptions” as each situation is unique.

Q - Why do people work with a Coach?

Coaching can help identify what you want from your work and life and then make it a reality. Whilst the reasons that people choose to work with a coach may differ, it’s always about areas of their life they either want to change or improve.

Q - Is the coaching face to face or, on the telephone?

Mostly coaching takes place over the telephone, although for certain areas of coaching, we would meet in person.

Q - How often will I need a coaching session and how long will it last?

We will agree this when we create a coaching programme to suit your individual needs. At the start of your coaching, most clients choose to have a coaching session either once a week or once a fortnight. The frequency of the sessions maintains momentum. Sessions last from between 45 minutes to one hour on average. The coaching programme is usually completed over a three month period although this can vary with client to client.

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